Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome Back!!!!

  To our Parishioners and Partners of the Sto. Nino Parish,

Peace to all!

This is our new blogsite where you can connect once again to our beloved parish and town. 

It was but unfortunate that our old blogsite was corrupted.  It was not of our own making that the tragedy happened.  It seems that there was this internal problem with the Blogspot.com itself.

Honestly, I was aghast with what happened.  All our precious pictures from 2007-2011 of July were all gone!  Our website was updated monthly with news, through pictures, of what's happening in our parish.

But, actually (and thank God), the pictures are in the hard disk of my computer! Truly, when God seems to close the door, He sees to it that a window is opened.

And now, we are back!  

We will try our best to retrieve some (if not all) of the pictures of our activities.  We have added some features of the blog for you to know the parish and the parishioners/kababayans better.  Please be more patient with us as we try to improve our site for you.

We will do this to bring us closer together towards building communities of Christ's disciples.

Viva! Sto. Nino!

In His Service,

Rev. Fr. Alfred T. Viernes 

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